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Soulchat is a personal development service that supports your team members in the next step of their growth to unleash their potential.

Through a unique combination of chat counselling, video coaching, team workshops & tailored content we lower the barrier to walk the first step.

Chat-based support at your fingertips

Give your people access to immediate and anonymous engagement with our experienced coaches. We integrate with WhatsApp and existing company communication platforms like MS Teams and Slack.

Hello, this is Lisa and I am here for you today. What is it that you would like to talk to me about?
Hey Lisa, I don't know what to do anymore. Everything is just too much and I am feeling completely overwhelmed.
Sounds like you have a lot on your plate right now. Can you tell me a bit more about the things that are making you feel overwhelmed?

Coaching through live video sessions

Make it easy for your team members to book a video coaching session with our in-house coaches and psychologists for deeper and longer-term inner work.

In-depth content when you need it most

Soulchat comes with a library of self-assessment tools, easily understandable articles and self-help practices. Plus: When introducing Soulchat at your company, we offer regular training opportunities to take the whole team along and to unleash its collective potential.

Saying No
Breathing Exercises
Power Games
Relationship Problems
Micro Management
Team Conflict
Setting Boundaries
Communication Skills

Most people are not working to their potential. Our Soulchat counsellors help individuals to see what keeps them from the next step and support them in their journey of transformation. So that our clients can unleash their organizations potential as a whole.

Maren Jakob
Chief Psychologist at Soulchat

All hands workshops

In our all hands workshops most of your team members get to engage with Soulchat. Topics range from “Setting Boundaries” to “Difficult Conversations Skills” to “Getting to know my reactive patterns”. That collective experience leads to a change in your organizations culture & performance.


Soulchat helps us grow the potential of our people at scale. Their mini-workshops, chat and video coaching go nicely hand in hand to provide continuous inspiration and deep transformation. And doing it together, at the workplace, fosters the developmental and connected culture that makes us thrive.

Sebastian Wieser
CEO at Unite
chat works

Chat counselling is a relatively new, innovative mental health service. The non-profit organization krisenchat has been pioneering and demonstrating the impact of chat counselling in more than 300.000 client sessions to date. krisenchat is meanwhile being funded by public health insurances and the German Ministry of Health, has won several awards and received broad media coverage.

Independent academic research has confirmed the effectiveness of chat as compared to other psycho-social interventions [2].

Using data to grow

Our innovative counseling platform, combined with our tailored employee surveys, enables us to gain new insights into the mental health status of your people. This way, we help your company understand the health and potential of your team members and to tailor your people approach to their needs.


higher usage

compared to traditional Employee Assistance Programs, Soulchat actually reaches your team members.


of users

report improved problem-solving skills after coaching sessions with our counsellors.


of users

would recommend Soulchat to their coworkers.

„Soulchat supports the personal growth of our consultants in a way that makes it really easy to engage, even during a busy working day. I like that people can choose and gradually increase the level of depth of their inner work, from participating in a mini-workshop through anonymous chat to deep individual coaching sessions”

Mirja Telzerow
HR Director Europe at Kearney

A service for your team ?

Soulchat is not for everyone. We are not another EAP, not a “check the box” on mental health.

We are currently rolling out the service to carefully selected companies. Companies that will work together with us to provide as many team members as possible with the psychological assistance that they need in order to thrive.

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