Our mission, vision & uniqueness

Soulchat's mission is to make personal growth available to everyone in an organization.

Our offering includes:

  • Lowest hurdle for highest usage (anonymity and ease)

  • Deep transformation (innovative care approach)

  • Affordability for all (cost-effective subscription model)

Soulchat's Deep Coaching methodology in chat and video sessions is an innovative approach that combines the best of behavioral coaching with therapeutic depth and mindfulness practices. It addresses people's issues at the root while also having immediate, practical impact.Read more about Deep Coaching

Dr. Jens Riese
Executive Coach and Co-Founder at Soulchat

Our care approach

Most of the behaviors and interpretations causing problems today occur when our reactive operating mode gets triggered: When we feel unsafe, we fall into habitual patterns that aim to protect us. This may come in many different forms, such as controlling, perfectionism, pleasing, complying, gossiping, distancing, procrastination, addictions etc.

These protective patterns were often formed long ago, at a time when we were much more vulnerable and less resourced and empowered than we are today. Today, they often create more harm than good. They need updating.

This may imply liberating us from old psychological burdens, challenging and adjusting limiting beliefs and behaviors, and developing new skills in order to live our professional and personal lives with more passion, fulfillment and purpose.

In our coaching work, we explore our behaviors, emotions and needs together.
In deep appreciation of all there is, we assess what aspects of our inner operating system still serve us, and which need adjustments to who we are today.

Maren Jakob
Chief Psychologist and Co-Founder at Soulchat

Our data security approach

We know that effective counseling works only on a foundation of trust that your conversations are safe and secure. That is why we see Data Security as a fundamental principle in our digital infrastructure. Through our various chat integrations, we grant full pseudonymity - we only store the absolute minimum amount of personal data that we need to offer our services.
Our data and servers are located in Germany and regulated by German law. To build the infrastructure necessary for you to place your trust in Soulchat, we work with leading security experts and privacy lawyers. We encrypt all data both in transit and at-rest with modern encryption mechanisms.
Our systems undergo regular audits, and we enforce strong security measures internally as well. Soulchat data systems keep track of every internal data access operation, providing a full paper trail to certify that personal user data is used only where it needs to.

Our team

Soulchat is led by a team of founders who are deeply committed to personal growth at the workplace, combining expertise in psychology, coaching, technology, research and entrepreneurship.

Nikolas Baron

Head of Product

Nallely Courtney

Psychological Counselor

Nina Fricke

Chief Psychologist

Thomas Hübl


Hans Raffauf


Dr. Jens Riese


Joseph Ronicke

Psychological Counselor

Kian Pariwar


Anna Seger

Psychological Counselor

Jan Wilhelm


Our experts

Maren Jakob

Senior Psychologist and Facilitator

Dino Poimann

Senior Coach and Psychologist

Amela Thrane

Senior Coach and Psychotherapist