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Are you looking to solve a private or professional issue? Are you dealing with anxiety, stress, procrastination or difficulties setting boundaries? Or do you simply feel stuck in your private and professional life?

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Anna graduated in psychology (M. Sc.) and has experience in working with people in crises as well as supporting them on their personal development journey. In her coachings she is using a combination of systemic coaching, Motivational Interviewing, inner parts work as well as a trauma informed approach.


Joseph studied environmental science and psychology and is passionate about meditation, collective trauma, and healthy systems. In his work as a coach and facilitator, he is looking at what is alive and healthy to help his clients carve out what they desire from their hearts.


Nallely is a palliative care nurse and a NARM therapist in training. She combines systemic, trauma-informed, and somatic mindfulness-based perspectives with her clients to deepen their reflective capacity and healthy discernment. She has a multicultural background and is passionate about intergenerational and cross-cultural wisdom and the potential of healing our collective wounds.


Maren is a M.Sc. Psychologist, Yoga Trainer and Mediator. In her integrative approach she draws especially from systemic psychotherapy and embodiment practices. While respecting the depth of the integrative processes that take place, she likes to invite humor and lightness in her sessions.


Simon is an Irish psychotherapist following an integrative and trauma-informed approach to his work. An essential part of his work is to bring light to how we relate to ourselves and others and to be curious about what gets in the way of our own movement toward a greater sense of connection and aliveness.

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