Soul Sheets

Visualize Your Strategy For Achieving Your Goals

Duration of the exercise: approx. 15 minutes

Utensils: paper and a pencil

In the introductory exercise for visualizing your goals, you have already pictured what your goal looks like and how it will feel for you to achieve it. This was an important first step that can help you increase your motivation to achieve your goals. In this second part of the exercise, we go one step further and focus on the path to achieving your goals. If you already think about how you can overcome possible obstacles and who/what can support you on your way, you can reach your goal with more ease.

Again, it is best to answer the following questions in writing. Try to feel into each of the questions by visualizing yourself walking the path to your goal during the exercise. In doing so, you can discover possible obstacles or resources that you have not yet been aware of. If it feels good for you, close your eyes during the moments in which you visualize.

  1. What are the obstacles on the way to my goal? 

  2. What do I have to let go of in order to reach my goal?

  3. Where can I save energy and use it for my goal?

  4. What can support me in achieving my goal?

  5. Which of my strengths can I use?

  6. How have I solved similar challenges in the past and how can I use these skills to reach my current goal?

  7. Who can support me?

After you have answered the questions, you can either put your answers into action directly or include them in your visualization. You alone decide which approach is best for you.

The more regularly you do the visualization, the less you will need your notes and the deeper you can dive into goal realization. Let the positive feeling that you take away from the visualization move you into action and take you towards your goal step by step.

Author: Anna Seger