Soul Routines

Staying Active in Times of Corona

Here is a list of activities that can serve as inspiration for staying active in times of Corona:

Muck out wardrobesMuck out the kitchen
Offer neighborhood helpUse time for healthy cooking
Play table tennis on the kitchen counterPlay tricky games (via phone or skype)
Try new hairstyleLearn to dance
Create a savings planCompose/write a song
Linocut and printSend someone a gift
Donate to a good causeBuild a marble run
Create mix tapes / playlistsPlan birthday gifts
SkypeWatch the clouds like when you were a child
Talk to friends and relatives on the phoneMake chocolates yourself
KaraokeDo sports
Solve a puzzlePlay bordgames like chess, backgammon, mancala, etc.
Computer gamesRecord a podcast
Learn to juggleBuild a domino chain
CycleDo yoga
Make music / learn to play an instrumentEat ice cream by the window in the garden, on the balcony, in the living room
Record an audio bookListen to an audio book
SwimmingHair treatment
Foot bathFace mask
Give a massage or let yourself be massagedMake a 5 year plan
Sewing or needleworkLearn to program
Try a new recipeBake a cake
Write a list of all the things that you are thankful forKeep a 6-minute diary in which you right down the positive things that happened during the day
Raise plantsSing along to a song out loud
Learn a new languageSort and rearrange things (DVDs, playlists, etc.)
Pillow fightBuild a pillow castle
Explore the neighborhood / cityRecord an audio book yourself
Practice handstandsDo Tai Chi or Yoga
Invent somethingCover up cupboards
Paint by numbersPaint a picture (with acrylic, colored pencils, chalk, watercolor ...)
Color a pictureWrite a story
Read the best books of all timesTinker greeting cards
Make a tax returnGet involved in social networks
Make braceletsMake ice cream yourself
Develop your own online gameVideo calls with friends and relatives
Write lettersWatch an old movie
Explore ways of sustainable livingWatch an animal (e.g. birds)
Create a wish listSee the top 100 most popular films
Play charades via video callInvent a board game
Go on a fantasy journeyExplore healthy lifestyle changes (food, sleep, mental health etc.)
Play solitairePickling / canning vegetables
Read something to someoneMake henna tattoos yourself
Make your own movieMake a meal plan
Collect motivational sayingsDesign a poetry album
Have a picnic at homeTinker and optimize paper planes
Set up a training planPlay cards
MotorcyclingMake music with everyday objects (pans, cups, etc.)
Watch a youtube videoWrite a letter to the future self
Find out more about a topic of your interest (environment, countries, space, craft ...)Online shopping
Order foodSend flowers to someone
Create a relaxation zone in your home full of comfortable pillows, candles and everything that makes you feel cosy and comfortableLight a candle and watch it
MeditateCollect something (e.g. stones, cards, stickers ...)
Spend time with a petTake a bath
Make a collageMake basic food yourself (e.g. bread, pasta, ...)
Actively listen to the partner or friendOpen a YouTube channel
Build a dollhouseModellin
Take care of the garden or balconyEdit pictures
Sort through old pictures and make albumsWrite a recipe book
Apply for jobsBuild a bird house
Make a list of your own positive traits and talentsThank a person for something they have done in the past
Write a bucket listCompliment someone
Enjoy a nice cup of tea, coffee, juice, etc.Enjoy the silence
Send someone a cardTake a walk
Paint something (e.g. baseboards or doors)Create a daily activity plan
Cheer someone upExperiment with new clothing styles and outfits
Sun batheRead a magazine
Get in touch with someone you havn't seen in a whileMix a new drink
Build somethingPaint stones
MacrameCreate an audio playlist